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As a life-long dancer, I have found a passion for teaching and choreographing in recent years. When my friends began requesting classes, I found that working with dancers one-on-one and in groups was incredibly fulfilling. This has led me to become an Associate Choreographer, where I've had the opportunity to work side by side with amazing choreographers, using every chance I get to understand their process. I have found so much joy in being able to share my passion for dance, and pass along my knowledge of dance and storytelling. Whether it is at Marymount Manhattan College where I  work as a substitute for their Daily Dance program, teaching Freshmen-Seniors, or a dance competition as I'm judging on the mic, I feel lucky to have found different opportunities to educate all different generations.

I believe in meeting each person where they are.

I encourage those who feel confident in their technique to explore the story in a deeper way and challenge those who perhaps don’t see themselves as “dancers” to challenge their initial perceptions of their own ability.

I believe in continuity in education.

I incorporate technical aspects of the combo into the warm up so that everyone has a chance to feel comfortable with the individual pieces. I have found that this helps to alleviate stress when learning the combo.

I believe in providing vocal positive feedback during class.

I think it is just as important to receive validation as it is to receive notes and adjustments. I strive to provide dancers with both. 

I believe in making use of multiple different teaching methods to best serve as many students as possible.

Some students learn best through specific technical terms while others may learn through visual analogies. I do my best to incorporate many different 

"I felt lucky to have a budding choreographer by my side. She was brimming with ideas whenever I was stuck and had a lovely way of contributing choreographic suggestions to add some flair or spruce up a moment."

- Christine O'Grady Roberts

Assistant/Resident Choreographer - Hair 2009 Broadway Revival

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