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"A first rate intuitive actress with great positive energy and presence, she had her character down: from the silliness to the sweetness, the warmth, and the vulnerability."

- Ray DeMattis

Original Broadway Company Member of Grease 

I am a NYC based dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and teacher. In May 2022, I graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with my BFA in Musical Theater and a minor in Arts Management. I made my professional debut in the National Tour of Billy Elliot as a Ballet Girl, having no idea I would spend four years with the company. Ever since, I knew I had to move to NYC and continue to train and perform. 

As an artist, the saying "play with passion and purpose" has stuck with me greatly. I always aim to create and be part of environments that allow us all to explore and expand upon the person we walk in as. It is important to me to put gratitude first, and use every opportunity I have as a learning experience

I always want to balance work and play. I try to miraculously manage to be both the life of the party and the moral compass of every group. The life of the party meaning gathering my friends to discuss any and all reality tv, trying the best pasta spots in NYC, and balancing it out with the comfort of a movie with a sweet treat for a night in (I'm a big foodie if you haven't been able to tell).

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